Jennifer B. Chambers:
Writing to make
you think

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Finally, a novel about brain injury by someone who’s been there! Jennifer Chambers draws on her life experience to illumine the inner world of two young woman making their way forward after life-changing injuries.
~Tom Boyd, PhD, Neuropsychologist

Jennifer Chambers has captured the anxiety and self-doubt as well as the recovery and redemption of all her characters.  It is a story of challenge, both mental and physical.  Her descriptions are rich and fill all the senses with an understanding of place and time.  You are with the characters every step of the way, even when some of the steps are taken with the help of a walker, or are on the arm of a friend.  You learn to know these people, care about them, and respect the effort that is put into doing the simplest of things that most of us take for granted. 
~ Vicki Soudry

Recovered from her own brain injury 18 years ago, Jennifer has written an enlightening and honest account of the recovery process told through the lives of two fictional characters.

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