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Brambleberry Farm, the first book in The Maple Grove Chronicles, is now available-- 

Jo, a woman with Synesthesia, a brain condition where two sensations are experienced at the same time, perfects her trade as a chef and learns what she is meant to do in Brambleberry Farm. Meet Jo and her close-knit family of friends as they forge a meaningful, cognizant life together with good food and stewardship of where they live. Includes Jo's recipes from the kitchen of the restaurant of The Farm.

Jennifer Chambers is winner of the Erika Atkisson Award



 Visit to see Groundwaters Magazine and Jennifer Chambers' volunteer work as an editor for a regional literary magazine. Groundwaters' mission is to help artists, writers, artists and children hve their voices heard. 



 She appears in several Pill Hill horror anthologies , including FEM-FANGS, BLOODY CARNIVAL, DAILY FLASH and DAILY BITES OF FLESH

"Sarah was weighed down by misery. It was too cruel having Maggie here among them, someone who had gotten past feeling like an island in a sea of confusion. Drawing her walker to her, she leaned her upper body on it for support. The isolation she had felt drowned by since she'd been her made the wall recede and wrap around her like a thick fog. It was a peculiar kind of loneliness. She knew, on some level, that everyone in the group was just as alone as she, but it didn't matter. There was no certainty about anything to Sarah except her own pain."
~From Learning Life Again

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In Jennifer Chambers' novel, Learning Life Again, Maggie McLeod, adult brain injury survivor, mentors a newly injured teen as they journey toward health, success, and fulfillment. Their struggle to regain physical and emotional ability after brain injury delves into universal feelings like loss and redemption. Learning Life Again explores the way we adapt to challenges and how we can learn to heal. Chambers, a brain injury survivor herself, is an editor for literary magazine Groundwaters ( She has been featured in Redbook Magazine and the front page of, as well as various newspapers and websites.
--Quote from Willamette Writers one of the largest writing organizations in the U.S.:  
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